About Randel

Most of my life has been spent in Northeast Nebraska. The first eight years of my career was in the pastoral ministry. I left the ministry to pursue a career in art from 1979-1983. For the next twenty years I worked a financial services business and helped my wife, Betty, parent our three children.

What brought me back to art was a shake-up. I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in May of 2002. During the recovery process of pancreas surgery and a liver transplant in 2003, I came to believe that I needed to go back into artwork. Drawing and painting I could do with a minimum of physical effort and a feeling of satisfaction that I was better using God's gifts to me.

My art training has come through numerous workshops in Nebraska, Maine, and Colorado. Dozens of books and magazines have been informative, but the best learning has come from my own practice with watercolor and pencil. There is real joy for me in reproducing the appearance of God's creation whether untouched or reworked by mankind.

I also feel rewarded by the quality of work that students produce in my classes. I enjoy teaching adults and youth how to draw and paint in watercolor. Email me to request my local class schedule at the Norfolk Arts Center and Hobby Lobby. I am also free to travel to do workshops in the area.

The final satisfaction of artwork is the response my clients have to the special persons, places, or things they have commissioned me to do. I work with clients to go over their photos often combining several to make the pose or scene they want. When I feel I've done my best on a piece of artwork I'm open to suggestions from my clients to make the piece even better for them. See my brochure for client comments.

I'd appreciate the pleasure of doing a special piece for you or as a gift for someone very special to you.


Call 402-371-1267 or email Randel at randel@randelandersonart.com for pricing and other information.

Below are special prints I made of the Transplant House in Rochester, Minnesota which are being sold to support those staying at the House. Read more about these prints.

Randel loves to create art- especially custom works that remind customers of special people, places, events or pets in their lives. Randel does commissioned portraits, pictures of pets and wildlife, favorite things, commercial and organization work, and homes and other buildings.