Book Illustrations

Randel was commissioned by Norfolk author, Charlotte Endorf, to illustrate a three volume set on the historic orphan train experience.  The books feature the true stories of people who were sent west by train from New York as young children to find homes with people who wanted them.  It was the beginning of the foster parenting system in America.  From 1854 to 1929 around a quarter of a million children were relocated from the streets and orphanages of New York to homes all across the United States.  Some had good experiences in their new homes and some did not. 

    When the three volume set is completed sometime in the fall of 2008 the plan is to have thirty-six stories told by orphan train riders or their families with a portrait of each of them from actual photographs.

    The first volume of twelve stories titled, By Train They Came, is to be available in December '07.  This is a 90 page historical/collectible piece geared to an upper elementary reading level.  They may be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and various other book stores for a suggested retail price of $ $24.95 plus tax (totals $26.70 in Norfolk, Nebraska) .  You may also order an autographed copy from Randel for the same price plus $5 S&H by calling (402) 371-1267 or writing him at 2311 Vernon Ave. Norfolk, NE 68701 or emailing at

    The original 9 x 9 watercolor paintings for the book if available are $250 which includes tax, matting and framing but add $5.00 for shipping and handing. Other sizes available on request.

    Other sizes and prices including tax of photo reprints are:

            Wallet size: $1.50 apiece or $15 for full set of 13 images

            4x6" $5 apiece

            5x7" $10 apiece

            8x10" $15 apiece

  Add $1.50 for shipping and handling of up to ten items.



By Train They Came: Book II

The second book about the children of the Orphan Train is now available for $29.95.  There are thirteen more stories in this book about the orphan children who came west on the train and the families who adopted them. Click on a picture to see a larger image and the original that I painted from.


Click on the pictures to see larger versions.