Gift of Life Transplant House Prints

As a transplant survivor myself, I have stayed at the Rochester Minnesota Gift of Life Transplant House.

During my recovery in the fall of 2003 from a liver transplant I worked on drawings of the House. Their unique architecture made the work challenging and enjoyable. The door was done from a photo I took one week after the transplant (lying on my back for the special angle) and completed during my month's stay at the House. A portion of the proceeds will be returned to the House.

These numbered prints can be ordered by calling Randel at 402-371-1267 or by emailing me at The single views of the house matted and framed 8" x 10" are $40. The double view and the door matted and framed 11" x 14" are $75. Please click on the pictures at the right for larger images.

Thank you for helping support the Transplant House.


Original photos are below. Click to enlarge:




8"x10" matted and
framed $40

11" x 14" matted and framed $75

11" x 14" matted and framed $75

8" x 10" matted and framed $40