The joy I find in doing art is to recreate the creation on paper with pencil or watercolor. My favorite subjects are the highest of God's creation-people- in portrait work. I also enjoy painting and sketching wildlife, buildings, landscapes, flowers, and anything of interest or beauty. I especially enjoy being commissioned to do people, places, things or events that are meaningful to my clients.

William James said,"The best use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it." Creating art and teaching others to draw and paint is a good way to spend life.


One of my latest projects is the illustration of two books about the Orphan train that brought orphans to the Midwest. More...





This is a recent piece I did of Norfolk native Johnny Carson taken from a DVD frame.




Below are special prints I made of the Transplant House in Rochester, Minnesota which are being sold to support those staying at the House. Read more about these prints.

Randel loves to create art- especially custom work that remind customers of special people, places, events or pets in their lives. Randel does commissioned portraits, pictures of pets and wildlife, favorite things, commercial and organization work, and homes and other buildings.

A Jesus Portrait -
Read about Randel's newest work...